Renowned Graphologist underscores the importance of designing Logos scientifically


Sudhir Kove is a well-known Graphologist who specializes in the study of handwritten structures to determine the personality trait of the writer.  A reputable life coach and entrepreneur, he is known as ‘The Logo Guru’, runs a scientific logo design company. Sudhir has been instrumental in transforming and upscaling of multiple businesses with his personalized services. He acknowledges that helping people to achieve more is a passion for him, and the way he tries to do it is by helping an individual ignite their unlimited potential.

Speaking on this, he said, “Our perception of the world is based on our five senses. This information is stored in our subconscious mind in the form of symbols. This is why, you might not remember the name of an entity, but you will remember a symbol/s associated with it. Our ancient Yantras used symbols extensively. However, at that time, only kings and other VIPs invested in consulting with a symbolist for designing a symbol for any purpose. However, this privilege is not restricted now and anyone can get symbols commissioned for themselves. Yet, the knowledge and awareness about the science and art of symbology are very low.”

He became ‘The Logo Guru’ to fill in this gap and help people achieve more prosperous results by designing symbols and logos in a scientific way, “We bring together the wisdom of graphology, colour therapy, Vastushashtra and sacred geometry on one table. When we design, our focus is to have a positive gravitas associated with the symbol. Not only will this attract a lot of positivity in the organization, but also help the company to create a positive connection with their customers and clients. At the same time, we also aim to help the organizations grow by helping people recognize their strengths and weaknesses.”