The police department will focus on hotspots and cluster containment zones Lockdown violators will be registered by random checking of CCTV cameras in residential societies: DGP Shivanand Jha


Director General of Police Shivanand Jha said that transmission of corona is now at a crucial stage in the state and the safety of the people is a priority of the Gujarat Police. The police force is always alert to ensure strict enforcement of the lockdown in the state to stop the transmission of corona.

The police department will now focus on the hotspots and cluster containment zones. Police will barricade such areas and the number of check posts will also be increased. Not only that, in cities where surveillance is not possible with CCTV or drone cameras, necessary surveillance procedures will also be made more intensive by creating terrace points, added Jha.

Detailing on the supply of essential goods and services Jha said that surveillance through drone and CCTV will continue but from now on violators of lockdown will be registered by random checking of CCTV cameras in residential societies.

Meanwhile, two cases have been registered in the state where the accused made fake passes based on fake documents. In addition to violating lockdown under Valsad and Bharuch police, criminal cases have also been registered for forging documents and using them in such times. Jha appealed to the people to avoid misusing documents. Tight patrolling is also been carried out on highways, informed the DGP.

Throwing light on the significant use of drones and CCTV during the lockdown, Jha said that, the cities and towns are being thoroughly observed with drone surveillance. Today, 438 crimes have been reported through drone surveillance. A total of 10,849 people has been arrested for 4901 offenses. Through CCTV, 111 people have been arrested for 68 crimes taking the total to 1305 people for 774 offenses. Apart from this, 23 offenses have been reported for spreading rumors on social media. A total of 479 people has been arrested for 253 crimes, so far. 5 social media accounts have been blocked as well.

On the other hand, cases have been registered against 3271 people for violation of lockdown, 1185 cases of those violating home quarantine and 491 other cases. 7258 individuals have been booked and 2830 vehicles have been seized, informed Jha.

Apart from the Tablighi jamaat, 13 members of the Sura group are tested corona positive who have been identified and are from Ahmedabad, Karnataka, Bharuch, Tamil Nadu, and Haryana.