BHEL land will be registered in the name of Madhya Pradesh government

Instructions issued for necessary action related to 6000 acres of land entrusted to BHEL 


Revenue Department has directed Collector Bhopal to register total 1164.21 acres of land out of 6 thousand acres of land handed over to BHEL, which is not being used by the BHEL in the name of Revenue Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh. This land will be used to enhance industrial investment.

It may be noted that BHEL was given possession of about 6 thousand acres of government land situated in the boundaries of Municipal Corporation Bhopal between 1959 to 1962 by the state government. This land was given for the establishment of factories and other ancillary activities. Out of this land, about 1164.21 acres of land is not being used by BHEL.

Revenue Department has given instructions to Bhopal Collector to take necessary action related to 6 thousand acres of land handed over to BHEL. About 3121.40 acres of land is currently being used by BHEL for factory and other ancillary activities. Instructions have been given to send a proposal for legal allocation of this land in favour of BHEL to the Revenue Department, so that the process of allocation order and patta can be started.

About 611.45 acres of land was taken back from BHEL and given to other departments / undertakings, but the name of BHEL is still recorded in the revenue records in this land. In such cases, the status quo should be transferred to the concerned departments (in the case of the departments of the Government of Madhya Pradesh) or an appropriate proposal must be sent to the Revenue Department for the allocation of land to the concerned departments / undertakings (in the cases of the Departments of Government of India, other State Government Departments / Undertakings and State Government Undertakings).

In cases in which a total of 1084.62 acres of land is being used by the departments and institutions of the state and central government, and the name of the concerned department is registered, if the department concerned is not of the government of Madhya Pradesh but of the central government or the institute concerned is a Madhya Pradesh, Central Government or other State Government undertaking and if the order for land allocation has not been issued to them, then the appropriate proposal in this regard should be sent to the Revenue Department.