A Personality who is creating Story of Souls in City

A Personality who is creating Story of Souls in City

New Delhi

Nidhi Behl Vats, a digital Entrepreneur founded www.storyofsouls.com, a platform which is being appreciated by All India Radio, where the common man and their struggle stories are featured. Started in 2017, today we are most loved storytelling Indian platform under top 35 digital platforms.

She defied all the odds and created a platform for the common man to share their stories. Today storyofsouls.com is a knowledge partner with magazines where our crafted stories get featured in their monthly editions.

We are collaborating with the corporates where these inspiring stories are well-read and create positivity. Today this platform is helping professionals and entrepreneurs to make creditable and reputed professional profile, through digital media storytelling.


A mom to two adorable daughters. Authored academic books, she has been associated with Indian and International magazines in the past. She was awarded as WOW – Social Media Inspiere, and by 100x Woman Index by HER STORY TIMES due to her versatility, undeterred personality and being an inspiration for all the women while working from home and had successful career changes. She presented her thoughts at ALL INDIA RADIO on how a woman can WORK FROM HOME successfully.

She had written for the esteemed TOI online NRI column, Amar Ujala as a content strategist. She has been a speaker at various women start-up and entrepreneurship forums.

We have received appreciation from the Former Indian Disability Cricket Team Captain –  Dinesh. Priyanka Dewan – a corporate Leader and Lawyer.

We have covered some very creative and inspiring stories by which unsung heroes have been able to express themselves. Through this platform, they have gained social respect, media coverage, and their due limelight. We are also trying to work on mental and stress issues by asking people to write their pains, our contributors have been able to share their dark moments, cherish some golden memories, and sometimes able to heal too, as they express their feelings as they write!


We are vocal for the local through our website, we are creating a buzz word about the start-up stories, unique concepts, innovative ideas.

  1. We can feature stories of the employee of the month and how did they manage to excel in those given situations, which will inspire other colleagues from that organisation. As the organization’s name goes viral through a digital platform, it creates a buzz in a positive manner.
  2. We are bringing a series of Spirituality into the corporates. How the employees can lead a peaceful life by following principles of Shreemad Bhagwad Gita.
  3. Stories of corporate success, re-engineering, new product launch or other such accomplishments, we bring to the world through our brand-building strategies for the companies and corporates.
  4. We create meaningful and impactful content, which is being liked by our readers.

We are working for the Social Changemakers, NGO’s CSR initiatives, Corporate and individual profiles as well.


Stories are the best way to communicate, if you really want to know a person, know their story. you will understand the person, rather than going by the gestures and the dressing sense. Her team has freelancer writer moms, journalist students, who are working from home and have been able to perform with excellence. She is successfully deriving the freelance mode of working from home.


Nidhi had been an author, columnist, blogger, inspirer, digital strategic consultant. She understands the pain and nitty-gritty of personal and professional life and that’s the reason she chooses to act as a healer in every possible way while contributing to society. She is well travelled and has lived in several countries and loves to interact and connect with people around to spread the message do not judge anyone.

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