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A Visionary Monk working in the field of Sanskrit and education

A Visionary Monk working in the field of Sanskrit and education


The present head of the Shri Tripura Ashram, Swami Shri Sharadanand Giri Ji, who represents the luminary tradition of great-enlightened saints and yogis of Shri Daksinamurti Order, which has followers and Ashrams all over India, is carrying out this vision in the present times. In his most unassuming ways, he has indefatigably served the cause of the Santana Vedic Dharma for over three decades. Besides undertaking intensive sadhana in the close vicinity of the great Acharyas in the Uttarakhand, Shri Swami Ji has had the honour of studying the Shastras at the feet of Shri Swami Nrisimha Giri Ji, Swami Mahesh Ananda Giri Ji and the great scholar, thinker and saint Dharma Samrat Swami Karpatri Ji. Under the noble guidance of Swami Mahesh Anand Ji, he had the opportunity of assisting in the editing and publishing of the great Vedantic literature of the classical era at the Mahesh Research Institute at Varanasi and serving the saints and scholars at Kashi for over a period of thirteen years. His diligent perseverance in the academic field won both national and international acclaim.

Shri Swami Ji’s exceptional genius acumen at exploring the intricacies of the Shastras was soon noted by the scholars and pundits of Kashi which led them to honour with the title of Dharmalankar presented by the Kashi Pundit Parishad in its famous assembly held at the Sidhapeetha of The Annapurna temple at the early age of twenty-six years. His constant service in the field of Sanskrit and Sanskriti also earned him International Hindu Award, presented by the Rudrabhishek Society of London in the year 1999.

The unswerving faith in the Vedic values has given Swami ji endless energy to work for all the creatures alike. His compassion knows no bound for the living or non-living. Besides having worked for children welfare, healthcare and education Swami Ji is a strong believer in the Ahimsa and rights of all beings to survive and live on this earth. Establishing of Nachiketas Children Welfare Society and Aryaman School in the year 1989 was an outcome of Swami Ji’s positive, progressive and creative attitude. Shri Swami ji established English Sanskrit Academy in the year 1993 for the benefit of the students of both the language. Free classes in both languages were conducted for a large number of students in Varanasi.

In the year 2005, he established Veda Nidhi : Vedic Heritage Research Foundation that is an educational public charitable, philanthropic welfare organization. The same freshness of outlook and purity of vision is the source inspiration in all his activities at the Ashram as well. He has imbued self-confidence and a sense of dignity among the students and other Ashram-dwellers by making them aware of the relevance and benefits of Vedic Santana wisdom in the modern world.

Veda Nidhi: Vedic Heritage Research Foundation. It has been founded by HH Swami Shri Sharadanand Giri ji. It has been active in several charitable educational, cultural, and philanthropic programs. Through its collaborative outreach programs, the Foundation has successfully included several organizations to re-establish the non-sectarian ancient Indian heritage. It has encouraged people belonging to diverse communities and ethnic groups to understand the true importance of the harmonious lifestyle in consonance with the universally accepted values and culture.

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