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A Young boy at the age of 11 wore saffron robes to serve the humanity

A Young boy at the age of 11 wore saffron robes to serve the humanity


Swami Sharad Puri is the founder of the Shivedale School in Haridwar, one of the best holistic educational institutions of the country.

At the age of 11, in 1975 Swami Sharad Puri wore saffron robes. Ever since a young boy, he received Initiation in from his Guru Mahamandaleshwar Santosh Puri Geeta Bharati, a renowned lady saint and scholar. After that he travelled all over the world with his Guru. In order to understand the plight of people and possible solutions for dispelling ignorance, he went on a pilgrimage to all the holy places in different parts of India also.

Swami Sharad Puriji’s passion for knowledge, inspired by the Divine within, opened a new but novel vision of serving the people through the education of young minds. He says “As education is the search for knowledge and the Vedas are aimed at the highest education of the Self (the Brahman or Absolute), both modern and Vedic education must be combined to train the young for the future of India and the world.” Swamiji not only believes in, but also puts into practice the dictum of vidya dan—charity of knowledge, as the greatest of all. A born problem-solver and an incarnation of patience, his life is totally dedicated to education and serving the poor. Swamiji laid down many objectives for an integrated education:

1. To promote Vedic values and education to dispel, ignorance, using modern tools and technology. 2. To bring about a value-based, integral education to society. 3. To bring about an integration in society through value and Integral education. 4. To provide the basic minimum needs and education to the homeless, the underprivileged and destitute children. 5. To provide shelter to senior citizens while inspiring them to guide the young minds in a spiritual environment for a harmonious Society. 6. To empower women towards self-reliance by offering them education and providing for their basic needs.

Swamiji’s experienced guidance, constant inspiration to the teaching staff and students has helped them to become a better persons for family, society and nation. Swamji’s stress upon understanding one’s Real Self should become an integral part of modern education so that ancient and modern education modern wisdom can create a society aimed at peace, liberty and fraternity. Another project is Matrichaya, on which Swami ji has been working since last four years. Matrichaya not only provides the destitute & homeless children home but also educates them to be the noble & responsible citizens of nation.

In 2005 by Swami Sharad Puri Ji established Matrichaya Gurukulam. In this Gurukulam accommodation is available for those who come for spiritual practice, meditation, selfless service, holy pilgrimage and to quench their thirst to know their true Self. Guests are welcome to participate, as they wish, in the various cultural, educational and spiritual activities of the ashram.

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