AAP MLAs scuffle in corporation’s program

AAP MLAs scuffle in corporation's program


Today, in Kalyanpuri Ward, East Delhi Municipal Corporation in the presence of East Delhi Municipal Corporation Standing Committee Chairman Satpal, Chairperson of Shadara District Bhawna Malik, Deputy Mayor Hari Prasad, State Spokesperson Richa Pandey Mishra Mayur Vihar District President Vinod Bacheti and Local In-charge Ranjit Kashyap inaugurated four dumper trains. But even before the program started, Kuldeep Kumar, the local MLA of the Aam Aadmi Party, along with some of his colleagues, forcibly tried to inaugurate a dumper and started a scuffle with the locals when they did not agree. The situation became worse when the people started shouting ‘go back’ slogans against the MLA, after which the MLA was forced to return.

BJP state spokesperson Richa Pandey Mishra expressed surprise saying that if the MLA wanted to do the corporation’s work then why did he leave the post of councilor and become a MLA? She alleged that, in spite of being Corona positive MLA Kuldeep Kumar roamed in Uttar Pradesh spreading corona and creating chaos. East Delhi Municipal Corporation Standing Committee Chairman Satpal said that, the Aam Aadmi Party should desist from petty politics.

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