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About Us

We are an independent and public-spirited digital media platform for Indian millennials. We report news and issues that matter as well as give you the opportunity to take action. Our stories can make you feel surprised, happy, inspired, provoked and even sad. Such stories can open up hearts, change minds and sometimes even the world. It just takes a few concerned citizens, and some love to make this world a better place and The Cambay Post Indian community is home to all such socially conscious citizens. We believe in being a democratized and approachable media. From individuals to local communities to non-profits, we provide a platform to everyone to talk about stuff that needs or deserves attention.

Stories need more than just being told

Stories need more than just being told We run influential public campaigns addressing the policy makers and public representatives to take action on issues we cover.  We believe our responsibility doesn’t end with reporting a story. Our campaigns and collective efforts have brought significant impact at policy levels to grassroots levels. We believe that intent and conviction is more important than power and system to fix something which isn’t right.

Making India Less Ignorant and More Informed

In a generation where WhatsApp forwards have become sources of information and misinformation, we aim to sort fact from fiction and deliver unbiased and comprehensive information to the millennials.

How do we pay our bills?

We are currently bootstrapped and generate revenue through online ads and sponsored articles. But we ensure that these articles are not at the cost of your reading experience. We promote limited and only socially relevant ads, and all such content is tagged as ‘Sponsored’ to clearly distinguish it from a regular article on the website.

Why independent media?

There is news which they want you to know, and then there’s news which needs your attention. It is critical for any media publisher to function independently. Being independent helps us to raise issues that truly matters. We do not accept investments/contributions from any government, semi-government, religious/political entities or any oil and gas corporations.

Do we have a religious bias?

No. We do not. We believe in following conscience over religion.

Do we have a political bias?

No. We do not. We are not pro-left, pro-right or pro-centre. We are pro-solution. ‘Whataboutery’ doesn’t solve a problem.

Areas we pay most attention to :-

Citizenship, Governance,  Environment,  Education and Health Care.

The Cambay Post Crew Started in late 2020, The Cambay Post is founded by Dinesh Kr Gautam (43) and Monalisa Patra (19) and Poornima Nair (23), we currently have a crew of 7 and a pool of volunteers working passionately to bring stories to your attention which are worth your time.

Hot Coffee, some self-motivation and people’s love are what keeps us going!!!