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These are paid articles in which link of the advertiser can be inserted on request. A reader can click on the link for further information by visiting the advertiser’s website.

Website Advertisement

Your ad campaign will make an impact with this prominent suite of digital ad options on Punekarnews.in, redesigned for optimal responsiveness and engagement on all devices. The Cambay Post is the first and only digital media site of Pune, with more than 10 lakh page views per month.

Why to advertise with www.tbecambaypost.com ?

The Cambay Post is a web portal which can be accessed from anytime and from anywhere. Being on internet is the most advantageous thing because more and more people are surfing internet. Studies shows that from 10-year-old to 50-year-old person most of them are accessing internet for searching information about their requirements. Many people surf internet from their mobile phones and The Cambay Post website can be viewed easily on phones.

If you give advertisement in newspaper, it remains there for only one day and IT CANNOT BE SEARCHED on INTERNET. On the other hand, if you get article about your product/business published on The Cambay Post it will remain on internet forever. Also, whenever people will search in Google about anything related to your product/business, the article will show up. So why to spend huge amount on advertising in print media for one day by paying lakhs of rupees.

Therefore, your business must have a lot of presence on internet.

The Cambay Post offers that platform to you a highly competitive rate as compared to mainstream media.

What is your product/business story?

The Cambay Post offers engaging advertorial opportunities powered by our trusted brand. Contact Dinesh Kumar Gautam on 9873522666 for more information or send email to thecambaypost@gmail.com

How to use advertorials to your advantage

An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of editorial or educational content. The term is a blend of the words “advertisement” and “editorial.”

The advertorial is usually written in article form and designed to look like a story.

Advertorials differ from traditional advertisements in that they are designed to look like articles, but are labelled as advertiser content, generally preceded by the term “advertisement” or “special advertising section.”

Advertorials offer some advantages over standard print ads

The most obvious advantage to advertorials is the longer format. An advertorial gives an advertiser more time and space to go into depth about the merits of the product or service, and can actually complement the company’s regular advertising by expanding on the main theme with a more detailed message.

The non-traditional look of an advertorial tends to increase the impression that it is editorial content, not advertising, and readers might give more weight to the message because of this format. Studies have shown that consumers trust advertorials when they are associated with a trusted news source.

In many cases, the advertorial format can break down the resistance some people have to traditional advertising. Studies have shown that an advertorial can often generate better response from a direct promotion.

Advertorials are not content marketing

At their core, advertorials are advertisements, not content marketing. They highlight, promote and endorse a product or company, and contain facts and statements that portray the product or service in a positive light.

Get the most out of your advertorials

Here are some common-sense guidelines for deriving the most value from your advertorial:

Avoid overtly promotional language, which can reduce the effectiveness of your message and create negative customer backlash.

Remember that the goal is to inform, educate and/or entertain readers, not just to sell your particular product or service.

Transparency is key. Go overboard in communicating the authorship of the article. Don’t be tempted to deceive people into thinking they are reading unbiased journalistic content.

An advertorial will better serve its purpose when it aligns with your business goals and accurately reflects your brand voice, company culture and capabilities.

How advertorials can engage customers with your product

Advertorial content can help prospective buyers interact with your products and create a more seamless transition to purchase.