Almonds- The science behind mother’s persistence


New Delhi

Some of our earliest childhood memories include having a handful of almonds placed next to our breakfast, accompanied by our mother’s daily adage: Sehat ke liye accha hai. As a child, we never understood why this was a daily requirement before heading to school but having enjoyed its taste (aside from the occasional bitter intruder, of course), we happily munched on them into adulthood.


But what is the scientific backing to our mother’s claims? Almonds are high in antioxidants which means they have proven to be great for your skin; Vitamin E powerhouses make them the brainy snack we heard all about since they greatly reduce the likelihood of cognitive degeneration. From maintaining cholesterol, and maintaining blood sugar levels to bolstering immunity, it seems there is nothing these little guys cannot do.


Consequently, they are considered as super-foods, especially with intermittent fasting and keto diets becoming increasingly popular. With a growing focus on healthy snacking and calorie tracking, scroll through any nutritional blog or fitness freak’s page and you are sure to find a heavy reliance not only on almonds as a handy snack, but also as a dairy-free alternative to milk.


The benefits of almonds extend far beyond the realm of consumable products and into that of beauty regimens. We are becoming increasingly conscious of the adverse effects that chemicals can have not only on our health but on our planet too. A movement propagating clean beauty products, using only raw natural ingredients has created a new wave, and in turn, encouraged individuals to take up DIY projects of their own. Almonds are also easily acceptable and can be digested well by individuals of all ages, from a toddler to an adolescent, to a teenager and even senior citizens.


Add crushed (soaked and skinless) almonds to banana, and you have a quick face pack that plumps up your skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Combine powdered almonds with olive oil over the flame, and voila; your solution to dull and dry hair. Additionally, adding coarsely crushed almonds to coconut oil to whip up a homemade body scrub bids adieu to your dry skin troubles.


Of course, the quality of the almonds is vital, and it is essential to ensure high standards of hygiene have been applied to the nuts we consume or use even for aesthetic purposes. With increasing demands for export-grade products, leading brands focus their energy on using grade-A quality, handpicked almonds, which are then prepared and packed for distribution in sterile facilities, free from human contact and contamination. Safe snacking is as important as healthy snacking.


These compact, but nutritionally dense nuts are extremely versatile and prove that sometimes, you do not have to try very hard to eat well, nor to take care of your skin. Create change in your life by incorporating these little miracles daily, do not forget to get your stock from Happilo!


–  Vikas D. Nahar Founder, Happilo International Pvt. Ltd.