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Amway India and Wrestler Sangram Singh unite to support holistic wellbeing


Amway India and Wrestler Sangram Singh unite to support holistic wellbeing amongst the youth and women

Launches health and fitness communities across India powered by Nutrilite

Reiterating its commitment to prioritizing health, fitness, and nutrition to helping people live better, healthier lives, Amway India, one of the country’s leading FMCG Direct Selling companies, launched health & fitness community-building programs across India. Amway India’s brand ambassador and wrestler Sangram Singh will be spearheading the awareness around reiterating fitness and health community building amongst the youth and women of India. This is in line with Amway India’s focus on supporting health amongst fitness enthusiasts to help maintain their fitness goals coupled with the right nutrition guidance.

Commenting on the initiative, Ajay Khanna, CMO, Amway India, said, “Preventive healthcare is top of mind for the youth and women of India today. The country has also witnessed a growing interest in fitness and nutrition supplements, especially among millennials leading to a steady rise in the wellness industry, estimating it at a whopping INR 490 billion (source: FICCI). Changing lifestyles, prolonged periods of staying indoors, and other limitations have adversely impacted consumers’ mental and physical well-being. Through our wellness initiatives, we are striving to raise awareness around the importance of proper nutrition, complemented by supplements to meet one’s daily nutritional needs, while also helping them build immunity through these fitness programs. Our association with Sangram Singh will help us advocate further healthy living and his commitment to overall health and fitness. With our vision of helping people live better, healthier lives, we endeavour to make a Swasth Bharat. I’m elated to see the vivid response across India that our initiatives have received.”

Commenting on the success of these health and wellness initiatives, Sangram Singh said, “I’m honored to be associated with a brand like Amway, which emphasizes the importance of holistic wellbeing, thereby inspiring and encouraging us to make health and wellness a priority. Amway India’s vision completely resonates with my lifestyle and approach towards nutrition and overall healthy living. Through its health and wellness initiatives across India, Amway is generating awareness and encouraging women and millennials to live a healthy balanced lifestyle by following a proper fitness regime supplemented by nutrition. I have actively participated in these health and wellness initiatives across the regions to support increasing awareness around staying fit and healthy. It gives me immense pleasure to witness the overwhelming success of these initiatives.”

Talking about the initiative, Chandra Bhushan Chakraborty, Senior Vice President, East & West, Amway India, said, “The past few years have been a wake-up call for people putting the spotlight on overall well-being, now, more than ever. This also includes embracing healthy eating and nutrition supplement intake. Amway India has been a long advocate of holistic health and wellness with nutrition being at the heart of all our initiatives. With the Fitness Republic powered by Nutrilite, we aim to expand on our vision of promoting a healthy lifestyle and target people who wanted to level up their fitness game along with new Amway Direct Selling partners and customers. Through this program, over a period we aim to enroll more than 10000 Amway Direct selling partners and their customers.”

 As part of Fitness Republic, Amway India hosted a series of fitness engagements such as ‘Glam-up and Shape-up, ‘The New Year – New You’ and more comprising multiple challenges to enable the participants to achieve their goal of holistic wellbeing. The program demonstrates the best way to leverage nutrition supported by health supplements to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle and help people transform their bodies into fitter and healthier selves and influence others. Amway Direct Selling Partners and their customers also took advantage of the free supplementation guidance and diet programs as part of the project, which is being followed by free consultations with our nutritionists on board.

Amway India has organized multiple initiatives to promote healthy living and continue to spread awareness around the importance of optimal nutrition, and community building amongst the youth and women. Embracing the wave of digitization, Amway has scaled up these initiatives by making them virtual and reaching a larger set of consumers to spread awareness.

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New Delhi/Updated on: 28 June 2022