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Amway India launches ‘Healthy Body Healthy Mind’ campaign


Preety Chaudhary/Mumbai/Updated on: January 7th ,2022

Amway India encourages children to adopt a healthy lifestyle; launches Healthy Body Healthy Mind campaign, the campaign includes initiatives to promote health, nutrition, and hygiene among the underprivileged children.

In line with its vision of helping people live better, healthier lives, Amway India, an entrepreneur-led health and wellness company, promotes healthy living, nutrition, and hygiene practices among underprivileged children in collaboration with its nine partner NGOs across India. As a part of its commitment under its CSR program, Project Sunrise, the new campaign ‘‘Healthy Body Healthy Mind’ focuses on engaging young minds with fun-filled activities centered on health and wellness.

Through Project Sunrise, Amway India has been supporting the upliftment and overall well-being of underprivileged children by providing them access to education, health, and hygiene. The campaign ‘Healthy Mind Health Body’ is aligned to this objective. As a part of the campaign, Amway India organized a learning workshop, which included yoga and a session on nutrition and personal hygiene habits. Further adding the fun element to the workshop, children were engaged with the quiz and making nutritious food platters using clay and dough. These activities are designed to spread awareness, encouraging children to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Talking about the initiative, Chandra Bhushan Chakraborty, Sr. Vice President, East & West Region, Amway India, said, “Children are the future of our nation and the citizens of tomorrow. It is important to nurture them with care. Over the years, Amway India has significantly enriched the lives of underprivileged children across India by assisting them in their holistic development. Our objective is to provide a platform for the children to develop and enable their overall growth and well-being. As a part of our Project Sunrise, every year, we organize multiple initiatives centered on health and wellness for underprivileged children in association with our NGO partners to enable them to face the ever-changing world in these unprecedented times. Given our focus on wellness, our goal is to promote health and hygiene among children and instill the importance of self-care at a very young age. We are confident that these initiatives will go a long way in the development of these children.”

Amway had introduced Project Sunrise in 2008 with a vision to help and empower underprivileged children in areas of education, health, and hygiene. Under this project, the company currently works with 12 NGO partners across the country including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Raipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Ludhiana and Delhi. Furthermore, Amway, through its #fightagainstmalnutrition campaign, has been relentlessly working towards the cause of malnourishment in children under the age of 5 years. The campaign focuses on bringing in the much-needed awareness and behavioral shift in mothers, caregivers, and communities at large.

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