Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro review: This is Apple at its best

AirPods. Apple launched its first set of wireless earphones in late 2016. I never liked them. The design, even if it soon became part of our pop culture, was weird with its long stalk, and a rather bulbous and broad earpiece meant that for many people the fit was poor. AirPods Pro. These are different. Launched last month in India at a price of Rs 24,900 — lot of money to pay for earphones, but in this case worth it — the AirPods Pro are almost perfect. The design is palatable now, with stubbier stalk and the silicon earpieces that ensure fit is snug. The presence of active noise cancellation means that these are — most likely — the only earphones iPhone users need, whether they need it for travel or to listen to music while reading a book on weekend

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