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Arogyavan – The Medicinal wonderland at the heart of the city

Arogyavan – The Medicinal wonderland at the heart of the city


The solution to all intricate problems lies in nature, and to bring those solutions to us, Drishti Foundation Trust (DFT) in association with CII and Ahmedabad cantonment board has developed Arogyavan – A medicinal garden which is a part of a mega project of DFT. To commemorate the 75th Independence day, Arogyavan was Inaugurated by  Dhiraj Sonaje (CEO, cantonment board, Ahmedabad) on 9th August at the Ahmedabad cantonment which has around 1000 saplings of various species of herbal plants. A special section has been developed in the garden to preserve the threatened plant species which would be open for the R&D once the garden is fully functional.

“Through DFT’s #missionnext25years, we aim to give back what we have taken away from our planet to become one of the fastest growing economies of the world over the last 75 years and support the UN decade of ecological restoration to restore the lost ecological balance by planting a million trees through the DFT medicinal garden project” – Dinesh Gautam, Founder, DFT.

Arogyavan – Developed and maintained by DFT currently consists of around 1000 saplings of plants such as Withania Somnifera (Ashwangdha) Azadirachta indic (Neem), Bacopa monniera (Bramhi), Stevia Rebaudiana (Stevia), Basil, Fennel, Cilantro etc.  Yoga space and a jogging track are still under construction and would be open for the school students and the residents of the cantonment area once it’s fully functional. The access to the medicinal garden would be restricted and would be available only to the army school and a few other educational institutions for academic purposes.

“DFT medicinal garden is another step towards creating the India that the forefathers of our nation envisioned. It’s my appeal to the youth of this country to step forward and take the onus of restoring our future by supporting our environmental and social goals. We look forward to the support of the young citizens of India to keep working for a better tomorrow”– Dinesh Gautam (Founder, DFT)

Drishti Foundation Trust is an NGO founded by Dinesh Kumar Gautam on 28th September ‘2012 in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) with the aim of holistic development and betterment of society that works in the fields of health, education, and environment. Its mission is to create a more inclusive India by pioneering a comprehensive approach to addressing our country’s diverse development issues and contributing to its common goals. It was established in 2012 to support the efforts in achieving economic equality and sustainable development; leading to transformational changes and improvement in the lives of marginalized sections of the society.