Art that writes : Lapis Bard

Art that writes : Lapis Bard


A Special Edition series from Lapis Bard with an almost celestial beauty. These writing instruments are made from high-grade aluminium and are finished in white lacquer that boasts of a pearlescent gleam.

Sleek silhouettes paired with perfect balance allows for a seamless writing experience. Artfully crafted, the design flows from the square cap to the circular barrel and ends in the most delicate curve. The pen is adorned with a chrome trim, a polished lyre logo inset, monogram branding on the centre band and finished with the brand’s signature blue. In addition to its refined aesthetics, the faceted clip lets you slip the pens into your pocket with absolute ease.

A notable mention about this collection is the fine packaging. Each fine writing instrument is presented in a gorgeous gift box that resonates with the elegance of the treasure within.

The Contemporary Pearl White Pen is available in rollerball and ballpoint. The ballpoint pen can be transformed into a mechanical pencil (0.7mm). Simply unscrew the barrel, remove the ballpoint refill and spring, screw in the provided mechanical pencil system and cap it in the regular manner. The pencil uses a twist mechanism and the lead extends with every twist.


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