Aside from being an entrepreneur and business woman, Devvaki Aggarwal loves to read

Aside from being an entrepreneur and business woman, Devvaki Aggarwal loves to read


Devvaki Aggarwal is the co-founder & chief executive officer of instrucko.

Ms. Aggarwal has worked in New York for a leading EdTech company, and worked with publishers in USA, UK, and Asia Pacific. With over half a decade experience in the EdTech space, Aggarwal decided to move back to India to set up instrucko.

Launched in July 2020, instrucko is an amalgamation of language learning and storytelling, to teach children the essence of intelligent communication right from their foundation years. It is the world’s first one-to-one language learning platform committed to providing high quality tailored language lessons to students aged 3-15 years.

As passionate as she is for education, growing up Aggarwal realised how little importance is given to communication. In her words, “People always know what to communicate, but they don’t know how to communicate it. With instrucko, her objective is to emphasise on language learning and focus on Emotional Intelligence as it plays a key role in our daily lives.

The content of instrucko has been designed to teach kids how to communicate in an emotionally intelligent way. Based out of the UK with offices in London, Mumbai, and Delhi, instrucko delivers interactive digital content live from highly accredited and skilled teachers who have are certified and have over 10,000 hours of teaching experience. Their most popular associations were with Eton College & Kareena Kapoor Khan. They are now also associated with MS Dhoni Global School, & Literacy India to encourage and empower emotionally intelligent, and critical and independent thinking leaders of tomorrow.

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