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ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet by Hafele

ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet by Hafele

The ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet by Hafele is the closest thing you can get to a fully-equipped wine cellar, but one that can be put anywhere. It uses cutting-edge design and technology to take care of wine in a way which has been perfected over centuries. Everything we know about how to store your wine in the best possible way can be found here, in a premium, connected refrigeration cabinet that can be made as unique as your own collection – and in which you can give it pride of place.

Almost all the features that have been built in to provide your collection with the care it deserves have been inspired by the wine cellars – which, after all, have been used for centuries as the epitome of wine care.

It contains all of the advanced care and storage features that a valuable collection deserves. It’s capable of storing a large collection – up to 190 bottles – in the right conditions for storing or serving. It features three individual controllable temperature zones, pure charcoal-filtered air, virtually vibration-free compressors and a sophisticated shelf system and layout. The three temperature zones are perfectly sealed off from one another, humidity is monitored, and the door’s glass protects the contents from UV light. But unlike a wine cellar, it documents, catalogues and gives you information about your wine. So, in that respect, it gives you the best of both worlds.

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