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Aster CMI Hospital organizes Organ Donation Pledge Program

Aster CMI Hospital organizes Organ Donation Pledge Program


In keeping up with its commitment to save more lives, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore in association with Aster Volunteers organized ‘Organ Donation Pledge Program’. As a part of this initiative, doctors, nurses and staff from the hospital came forward to pledge their organs. The program was conducted on the occasion of World Organ Donation Day to encourage more people in the society to come forward for this noble cause.

The program witnessed doctors narrating inspiring stories of donors and educating people on the importance of organ donation.

In India, there is a wide gap between the number of organs required and the organs available. Because of this, half a million people die annually due to unavailability of organs. End stage organ failure causes nearly half a million deaths in India annually as well as untold misery to several patients who have to undergo dialysis. However, India has successfully developed kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas and small bowel (intestine) transplant programs in the public and private sector, while centres in India lead the way in innovative procedures such as hand and uterus transplants.

Over the past decade, organ donation rates have increased more than tenfold across the country. The rate has gone up from 0.08 per million to more than 0.8 per million population, with several states recording donation rates of 3-4 per million population. Despite the increase, there is a minority of population who are not aware of organ donation. There is a need to conduct various awareness campaigns and programs to educate the mass from grass root levels. Organ donation is the greatest gift of life; by donating organs you are saving lives of many people. People should not be hesitated to come forward and pledge their organs. Be the change and bring the change.