Bioré India launches its Makeup Remover range in India

Bioré India launches its Makeup Remover range in India


Introduced in India in January 2021, Bioré, the renowned Japanese skincare brand now launches the easy-to-apply Makeup Remover range in the Indian market. Aiming to give the makeup removing process an innovative and refreshed face, the new Makeup remover range effectively dissolves and removes stubborn makeup while cleansing and leaving the skin feeling hydrated in just simple steps.

Presented by The Kao Corporation, the leading manufacturers in the fields of hygiene, beauty and health categories in Japan, the globally known brand Bioré aims to spread the evocative message with Indian consumers to feel and capture the ‘Joy to bare skin’ with its sensory and unique offerings. To further ensure this experience, the brand, with efficacious innovations, has curated the new Makeup remover range with a purpose to bring into the light, how make up removal is an indispensable part of any beauty and skincare regime and with the right products can be a breeze.

Spokesperson of Bioré India, Takua Wada, Kao Co, Health & Beauty Care department Asia Business comments “The skincare space is evolving in India and the feedback received by the Indian consumers when we launched early this year has been tremendously positive. Here is where we believe we come in, The Makeup remover range by Bioré India is not only easy to use but also helps our Indian customers to get rid of their stubborn makeup effectively by following just simple steps. Our endeavor with these products is to make the entire make up removal process effortless without any tugging or harsh feeling on the skin.”

The Makeup Remover Range effectively takes off the makeup while leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturized. The range has been formulated to suit all skin types and has different products for different makeup looks, be it light, heavy or even waterproof as well as different lifestyles. The Makeup remover range comprises 4 products – Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil, Makeup Remover Moisture Cleansing Liquid, Hydrating Makeup Remover Cleansing Wash Foam and Cotton Facial Sheets Moist.