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Blisswater launches Rahasya

Blisswater launches Rahasya

Rahasya Vodka is available exclusively in Goa, and will soon be available in other parts of India


Ever wondered what India in a bottle would taste like? Enter Rahasya (pronounced Ra-hus-ya). Blisswater Industries Private Limited today introduced Rahasya – a craft vodka inspired by the mysticism, heritage, and folklore of India. Rahasya marries India’s heritage with its new, self-confident future. Currently available exclusively in Goa where it is produced, it will soon be available in other parts of India as well. Rahasya is the brainchild of Varna Bhat, a first-generation entrepreneur who comes from a creative industry background of branding, events and experiential marketing.

Rahasya’sjourney started with the desire of creating a product that is premium and distinctly Indian. “The intention was to create a product from India for the world with pride in India’s rich and glorious civilizational brilliance” says Varna. Globally, the subcontinent’s vast treasury of flavours has been compressed into a narrow band of masala. But India has much, much more to offer. There isn’t any spirit that could say it imbibes Indianness in its very essence. From Kashmir to Kerala, Rahasya instils a hint of nostalgia in anyone who has grown up in India or spent a considerable time here. Crisp notes with a refreshing after taste, this vodka is made from high quality Indian grain and best enjoyed plain and simple on ice.

Rahasya is a Sanskrit word that means mystery, or secret. What makes Rahasya unique is its flavour profile, which takes inspiration from various elements that are inherent to the Indian way of life. Rahasyais designed to take us back to our roots and yet push us to new; where culture and Indian roots combine to create an immersive experience; to a land of possibilities and the land of mystique. What is in Rahasya? Well, that will remain a Rahasya for as long as you wish to journey it!

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