Bulbul is Narayan Shukla’s Personal Assistant

Bulbul is Narayan Shukla's Personal Assistant


Bulbul comes to meet Narayan Shukla at his house. As soon as she arrives he is very happy to see her in the Bodyguard look. On the other hand when Rajveer sees Bulbul there, he gets extremely angry and asks her to leave and go back home. Bulbul is shocked to hear this and declines his words. Narayan Shukla then informs Rajveer that Bulbul is her Personal Assistant and she would always be around him. She also tells Rajveer that she will look after his expenses too and would not give extra pocket money as well.  Shalu waits for Bulbul as they head back home. She is very happy to see Bulbul in this new look and is proud of her.

On the other hand at Lalita Niwas, Lalita tells Guddu Ji that he should talk to Lucky and Vicky and motivate them to work. They then head to Ranju’s house to congratulate Bulbul for her new job as soon as they here this news.

Meanwhile Vishesh meets Shalu and apologies that he lied because of the situation as it went haywire. Shalu accepts the apology and they remain friends now.

Will Rajveer take revenge will Bulbul again?

How will Ranju family react when Guddu Ji and Lalita come there to congratulate Bulbul for her new job?

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