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Canadian International School celebrates Onam

Canadian International School

Canadian International School celebrates Onam with students & teachers from 40 different nationalities

Onam was celebrated in grand fashion at Canadian International School (CIS) today. As a multicultural school with students and faculty from over 40 different nationalities, the CIS community enjoys getting together to celebrate all festivals. Teachers dressed in all their Onam finery to celebrate and along with the students, they created a pookalam together.

“It is important to embrace the diversity that we have at CIS. With students and faculty from diverse nationalities, our students have the unique opportunity to learn about various cultures and this helps them grow and evolve as global citizens, said, Ms. Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School, Bangalore.

“At CIS we have always celebrated different cultures and festivals, showcasing it as a true multicultural school. It was our privilege to continue the tradition at CIS, and organise Onam celebrations today. It looked like a mini Kerala today with teachers and staff dressed up in Onam attire.” said Beena Menon, English Teacher at CIS.

We live in a world of diverse cultures, languages, beliefs, and customs and we have to respect all of them. Taking part in these activities and learning to respect cultures in a school environment helps students appreciate the richness and diversity of people who are different. The old saying, ‘Unity in Diversity’ was once again proven today during the celebration.

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Bangalore /08 September 2022