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Chicco Oral Care range for your baby’s Happy and Healthy Smile


Chicco Oral Care Range for your baby’s Happy and Healthy Smile: Oral care is not just about having a good smile; it is also about maintaining a consistent oral hygiene to ensure good health of teeth and gums. Parents should start giving attention to baby’s oral care and prevention of cavities at an early stage. Babies with good oral hygiene stay healthier and happier during their teething period.

Even Pediatricians also recommend starting a proper oral hygiene routine early in life and cleaning baby’s gums after each feed to remove any bacteria that may be present. The cavities in primary teeth further increase the risk of developing caries in permanent teeth. Therefore, baby’s mouth and teeth must be protected with a controlled diet (low in sugar), good quality toothpaste & gum gel, and frequent use of the toothbrush.

Keeping this in mind, the leading baby care brand, Chicco has introduced its oral care products especially suitable for babies during the growth of their milk teeth.

Before Teething (Age 4mn+)

  • Chicco Gum Gel 2in1: Gum Gel is ideal for soothing minor discomfort connected with the eruption of baby’s first teeth. It comes with Xylitol, well-known for its antibacterial action and has a sanitising action on oral mucosa. Additionally, it provides relief to irritated gums with Chamomile and the cooling effect of its formulation. The flavourless gel is safe if baby occasionally swallows it.
  • Finger Toothbrush: The finger toothbrush is made of sterilise-able silicone with very soft bristles for the correct application of Chicco gum gel The soft bristles allow parents to safely massage reddened gums and baby’s first teeth.


During Teeth Eruption (4 months-3 years)

  • Learning Set: Includes the gum massager brush and toothbrush.

The set consists of gum massager brush and a toothbrush for 6 months – 3 years babies. Gum massager brush with its small and rounded head having soft ribs makes it ideal to sooth irritated gums during their teething period.  It also helps your baby to build a habit of how to hold and use a toothbrush. Once the teething period finishes, the baby can be shifted to toothbrush with innovative ultra-fine tapered bristles to clean baby’s gums and teeth.

After Teething

  • Toothbrush: Chicco Toothbrush is available in 2 different age group (i) For 6month to 3 years and (ii) 3years to 6 years.

The toothbrush has innovative ultra-fine tapered bristles that are gentle on irritated gums and properly clean your baby’s teeth. It has a shaped head and thin neck designed for baby’s small mouth. The neck is slightly bent to clean teeth and gums in back areas. With large soft anti-slip handle, it can be easily gripped with comfort. Fun decorations will make little ones smile. Brush cover is also included with every brush. Chicco toothbrush range starts with 6 months onwards to 3 years in three colors variants–pink, blue and green. The kid’s range starts from 3 years onwards to 6 years in two exciting colors including pink and blue.

Toothpaste-Fluoride free

Chicco has developed fluoride free toothpaste with low abrasive formula, which combats the formation of the dental cavities without ruining tooth enamel. The toothpaste contains a special ingredient ‘Xylitol’ that cleans and sanitises oral mucosa and is also known for its anti-bacterial action.

The toothpaste range has two flavours: Beginning with apple-banana flavour for 6 months babies and is ideal during weaning period; followed by Strawberry flavour with bio-available calcium, which is ideal for babies from 12 months onwards.


Chicco is part of a global multinational company, Artsana Group. The brand takes care of multiple needs of babies through its innovative products in nursing, baby toiletries, toys, travel (Strollers, highchairs and car safety seats) and fashion categories. Chicco’s vast experience of over 60 years in the infant world is consolidated in ‘Chicco Baby Research Centre’ that collaborates with doctors, midwives, pediatricians and parents to understand a baby’s psycho-physical, emotional and social needs to create most efficient products and solutions.

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Preety Chaudhary/New Delhi/Updated on: January 31st, 2022