Chief Minister Chouhan distributes masks on the streets of the city and chalks out circles

Chief Minister Chouhan distributes masks on the streets of the city and chalks out circles
Launches public awareness campaign and resolves to prevent corona


Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has said that everyone should protect oneself from corona virus and also protect everyone else from this dreaded disease. By taking three measures to protect ‘My protection – My Mask,” Social Distancing and repeatedly washing of hands with soap or by using sanitiser, we can protect ourselves from Corona. All should be united to defeat corona.
Chief Minister Chouhan was today launching a public awareness campaign at Bhawani Chowk (Peergate) in the State capital. Chief Minister Chouhan distributed masks to shopkeepers. He also chalked out circles to ensure social distancing. Former Mayor Alok Sharma and people’s representatives were present with the Chief Minister.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the second wave of Corona has brgun. Positive cases are increasing. We all have to be careful. If we are negligent then we will pose a threat to the family, our State and the country. The situation should not be catastrophic, so all citizens should protect themselves from the corona. We should not allow carelessness to pose a serious threat to others, so precautions are to be followed. Social organizations, religious leaders should come forward and cooperate in this work.

Chauhan appealed to avoid formation of crowds on festivals. The concept of ‘Meri Holi, Mera Ghar’ (My Holi, My Home) has to be followed. Circles (to maintain social distancing) should be formed outside every shop and full Protection should be maintained. The Shopkeepers must keep sanitizers in their shop, wear masks themselves and encourage the customers to wear masks as well. It is our responsibility to protect ourselves and everyone else. Just the government cannot do this work. We can defeat the corona virus only with people’s support.

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