Choosing the right kind of project is very important- Sudha Chandran

Choosing the right kind of project is very important- Sudha Chandran


Sudha Chandran is currently seen as the anchor of Dangal Tv show Crime Alert. She has entertained her fans in various different roles popular being negative ones. She talks about how every aspect is important when we step in for shows.

Sharing her thoughts, Sudha says, “Choosing the right kind of projects is very important as your viewers have a lot of expectations from you. So the most important aspects for me while selecting a project is the production house, the channel and of course an interesting character. I think when these aspects form a good combination then the hard work you put in gets its true validity and of course money is the fourth aspect. But having said that, the character keeps changing according to the twists and turns in the storyline of the TV show.”

She also adds, “So when you start off you tend to only get the skeleton of your character but how the track moves ahead is not in your hands. As i always say, we should put in our hard work, everything else will follow.”

She advises all actors to choose their projects wisely. With Crime Alert also, while it was a different genre for her, Sudha Chandran wanted to step out of her comfort zone to try her hand in hosting the show.

Crime Alert aims at creating awareness amongst viewers, from means of protecting themselves to recognizing crime and criminal activities. It showcases true events in a dramatic and exceptional manner and makes the citizens alert against criminal activities.