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CoachEd is driven to Build for Bharat


CoachEd is driven to Build for Bharat

Any national news top stories read,

‘Only 17% techies today are employable’

‘Where are the right skills needed for this job?’

‘Lack of basic skills makes students unfit and unemployable for roles’

CoachEd is driven to Build for Bharat

Team CoachEd 


Aishwarya Puranik, CTO; Poornanand Kulkarni, CEO; Anikethan HVU, COO

This is harming our nation’s economy. As the fastest growing nation in the world with a population of 1.3 billion and counting, we are producing engineers with very low employability factors. 6 in every 10 students are making wrong career choices.

Out to change these gloomy numbers and figures, CoachEd is born.

Bangalore based new age industry mentorship platform, CoachEd promises to be a beacon of light for the upcoming generation of employable youth.

Aimed at creating value for students to make the right and informed career choice, equipping them with the industry relevant skills and teaching them above and beyond the realms of the textbooks, CoachEd has set on a path to be the pillar for every young Indian to explore, be guided and become employable. With over 1000+ mentors from leading startups and Fortune 500’s, CoachEd Industry Driven Mentorship Programs are designed specifically by the industry and are driven by the professionals working in the industry.

CoachEd is driven to Build for Bharat, by catering to the Tier 2 and 3 cities of India, providing the youth with level playing opportunities. Born in the early days of the pandemic, CoachEd has surfed the highest and the lowest tides. With no physical connection to the real customers in the initial days of launching CoachEd, there was a lack of real time feedback and ability to fail faster and innovate quicker.

CoachEd has been mentoring students from Belgaum, Hubli, Gulbarga, Dharwad, Mysore and other parts of Karnataka. CoachEd has also onboarded students from Nagpur, Kolhapur, Dehradun, Chandigarh.

As the saying goes, failing doesn’t mean you stop, you just stop going in the direction that was failing you. So learning from mistakes of building something irrelevant to assuming rather than trying, CoachEd has learnt from every mistake and has turned it into wonderful lessons to reflect on.

If you’re a 21-year-old in engineering, amongst the 800 others in your batch, CoachEd is the one stop place for you to take the ferry towards your dream career.

At CoachEd, there is a saying ‘Think. Make. Do’ that inspires the young people to think about themselves beyond what they’ve been told, make or create the mental image of who they want to be and do things to make that mental image a real one. This is what brings the customer to CoachEd, a step towards their better tomorrow.

The founders are from PES University, NIT Surathkal and BMS and alumni of companies like Qualcomm and PwC.

Visit http://www.coached.co.in

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Preety Chaudhary/New Delhi/Updated on: February 1st, 2022