Columbia Asia Hospitals Launches #Warriorsinwhite initiative


To celebrate and salute the selfless efforts put by the doctors; on the occasion of National Doctor’s day, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Bangalore launches #WarriorsinWhite initiative. The initiative which is launched in all the five branches across the city, is inviting public to wear white, the colour associated with the doctors and to post their story with #WarriorsinWhite on social media along with a selfie to honour the tremendous, selfless efforts of the doctor’s community.

Healthcare has been the prime focus of the world this year, and doctors have taken the centre-stage. With this initiative, the hospitals aim to thank all doctors for their never-ending dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm; and celebrate the undying will of each doctor to save life.

In these tense situations, where Covid-19 has disrupted our entire lives, doctors and healthcare staff are one of those people who have never given up the fight against the pandemic. And the hospital’s main focus is to encourage the public to thank and salute all the heroes in white who have scarified themselves for the betterment of the public.  

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Columbia Asia Hospitals Launches #Warriorsinwhite initiative