Deaf and mute couple despite all odds welcome a Preterm baby at Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal

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Giving birth to a healthy baby is one of the happiest moment in a couple’s life, the hardships and pain would certainly be worth it once the baby is born. All to be parents, wish for a healthy baby. So did the couple, Gauri and Naresh from Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh. This couple had a hearing impairment along with being mute. Despite her impairments Gauri was hoping to deliver a healthy baby. Though there still exists a social stigma of kids inheriting the impairments from parents, they had one child who was normal.

Gauri and Naresh (name changed), both mute and deaf were very happy when they got to know that Gauri had conceived the second time. Meanwhile both were worried that they would pass on their impairments to the baby. Their first child, 4-years-old, was doing well without any impairments. Wishing the same for the second baby, the family were regularly visiting the doctor for checkups. Gauri’s sister-in-law was her only medium to communication with the doctors through sigh language.

During the initial checkups in Hindupur, the family realized about multiple complications Gauri was facing. She had Placenta Previa which can lead to bleeding anytime during pregnancy and cause adverse outcomes to the mother and the baby.  The doctor there referred them to visit Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal owing to the advanced infrastructure in the hospital.  Gauri and Naresh, with their first kid and sister-in-law consulted Dr. Aravinda Satish, Consultant – Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal.


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