Delhiites stricken by pollution

Delhiites stricken by pollution


Delhi BJP President Adesh Gupta said that, CM Kejriwal should give Delhiites an account of the expenditure of Rs 883 crore of environment cess collected in last 4 years. After all, where and how was this money spent to curb pollution in Delhi?  He asked whether CM Kejriwal and his ministers are so busy these days traveling to other states and challenging the governments there that they are not even aware of the problems faced by Delhiites from pollution?

Expressing concern over the ill effects of pollution on the health of Delhiites, State President Adesh Gupta said that, due to the irresponsible attitude of the Kejriwal government, both water and air are polluted in Delhi today and people are compelled to breathe in toxic air and drink poisonous water. At the time of election, Kejriwal had promised Delhiites that the Yamuna river would be made like the river Thames of London, the surroundings would be like a picnic spot, the water would be ammonia free, but instead of fulfilling the promises at the ground level, in the last 6 years, Kejriwal did lots of publicity and making the Delhiites suffer from its consequences. Delhi Jal Board has not taken any step to stop the disposal of garbage into the Yamuna in the last 6 years. The situation is so worse that due to increasing levels of ammonia in the river Yamuna, poisonous water is being supplied to the houses, due to which there is an increased risk of fatal diseases related to lung, liver and heart. Due to air pollution, people are suffering from breath related illnesses, but leaving these issues unattended Kejriwal is busy in electoral campaign. 

Adesh Gupta said that, Kejriwal government has spent only 1.6 % of the Rs 883 crore of environmental cess and there is no account of where the rest of the money was spent. Due to pollution in Delhi, there have been about 24000 deaths in the first half of 2022, yet Kejriwal government’s preparedness to deal with pollution is zero.  In fact, Kejriwal is spending the hard earned money of Delhiites on the tour of his ministers’ and MLAs to other states. If the air pollution increases in Delhi, Kejriwal government holds the neighboring states responsible, even if the water pollution increases, the neighboring states are held responsible, and he himself runs away from his responsibilities towards Delhiites. It is very unfortunate that Delhiites are paying the price of bringing the Kejriwal government to power by breathing poisonous air and drinking poisonous water. CM Kejriwal needs to stop being arrogant in power and see how miserable he has made Delhi. Hardly any Delhiite would have imagined such an unfortunate state in Delhi.

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