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Drishti Foundation eases the post-Covid back-to-school anxiety with movie training


Going back to school after an year post-Coivd can be a stressful moment for many students because of the learning loss that happened due to the lack of access or improper access to the online classes and personal losses in many families during the Covid-19 pandemic. The insecurity and the uncertainty of the future have led to many dropouts during the pandemic, especially from the less privileged sections, and unrest in the rest about their future prospects, which is demoralizing and stressful.

On the occasion of International Literacy Day, 8th September, DFT had organized a motivational session which was a 3-parts program that included an inspirational movie screening, an interactive counseling session followed by a brief introduction to the digital basics, and fun quizzes.

“The idea behind the session was to inspire the students to look ahead and to give them hope. The movie –‘Nil Battey Sannata’ is a message of hope. It narrates the value of dreams and education and how they can change your life irrespective of your social status if you are ready to put in the hard work and weather the storms that are sure to test your perseverance.” – Dinesh Kumar Gautam (Founder, DFT).

The interactive session helped the students to open up about their fears & concerns related to studies and their academic futures which were addressed by the teachers and educational counselors associated with DFT. It was followed by a brief introduction to computer basics and mobile usage for online classes and accessing learning resources.

“We have also received lots of interest from the students for the soon-to-be-opened ‘DFT Knowledge Quarter’ which is an open-for-all library that would offer free digital training sessions, free access to books, computers, free WiFi, study room, and a lot more,” Said Mr. Gautam explaining his vision behind the DFT Knowledge Quarter and digital literacy program for the students.

Drishti Foundation Trust is an NGO founded by Dinesh Kumar Gautam on 28th September ‘2012 in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) with the aim of holistic development and betterment of society that works in the fields of health, education, and environment.

Its mission is to create a more inclusive India by pioneering a comprehensive approach to addressing our country’s diverse development issues and contributing to its common goals. It was established in 2012 to support the efforts in achieving economic equality and sustainable development; leading to transformational changes and improvement in the lives of marginalized sections of the society.

With just 5 employees and the trust of a partner organization, Drishti Foundation Trust had a humble start in Ahmedabad on 28th September 2012. Starting the journey of gifting better lives to the most neglected sections of society, DFT has not only improved the health of people but also of our planet.

DFT improved the lives of people through oral hygiene camps (2014 – 2017) in Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan where more than 10,000 people were given free medical check-ups. After an ordinary start and an extraordinary result, DFT embarked on a journey to give hope and happiness to differently-abled girls in Gujarat through free grooming sessions organized with VLCC. In association with Pirnod, the future of thousands of lives was lit up by installing backup powered by the solar panels in around 110 government schools PAN India.