Eats with Mish emphasizes healthy versions of all our favourite Indian dishes

Eats with Mish emphasizes healthy versions of all our favourite Indian dishes


Kolkata-born and US based Mish Sen gave up her full-time consulting in March 2020 and worked on her blog full time. Her recipes come with simplicity. During lockdown she went a step forward towards her food blog dream and has received immense support from her followers and grew 0 to 25K followers in just a few months.

The uniqueness about Mish is that although she lives in the US she is very tied to her Indian roots and loves to cook Indian food the most! She wants to help women (96% of her audience is women), be able to balance a kitchen with a career and family and enjoy cooking and not look at it as a chore.

Mish keeps her audience engaged through a variety of ways- polls, questions, calls-to action on her posts, answering DMs and following through on follower requests (for recipes). Mish is a huge believer of having fun with her followers while she educates them on culinary techniques. Keeping that in mind, Mish has conducted a few giveaways which have proved to be immensely popular! In 2021, she plans on 5-6 giveaways (one was recently conducted as a birthday giveaway). These giveaways are not sponsored but personal gifts from Mish to her audience. Additionally, she devotes a good deal of her time connecting with her audience on a 1:1 basis.

Mish recently launched a limited-edition cookbook in the USA titled Everyday Indian Cooking-the American Way. The second edition of her book will be released on Amazon this year. Apart from that, she is working on launching a mini e-cooking course soon.

Eats with Mish (@eatswithmish), an Instagram food page launched during the lockdown 2020 by Mish Sen, was created to help people who were struggling to get their favourite dishes amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, with an aim to help people with the skills that she has, she started her page which enables people to learn delicious and healthy recipes broken down into simple steps.

Dishes made with wholesome ingredients and inspired by her mother’s and grandmother’s culinary sensibilities, Mish emphasizes healthy versions of all our favourite Indian dishes with some treats and indulgences added in for good measure. Mish believes that food should be pleasurable but also nutritious, helping us sustain our bodies and minds in an optimal way. In that healthy (or healthier) way of eating, there is room for treats without guilt. After all, life is all about balance and one should not look at food as good or bad but in terms of choices that we make that bring us pleasure and enhance our health and longevity.

Her mission is to help people to cook Indian food in a healthier way which is simple and efficient and very delicious! Her page sums it all through its tagline: Tasty. Healthy. Easy.

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