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Ekam Bawa’s top 5 songs

Ekam Bawa's top 5 songs


The  budding superstar of the nation Ekam Bawa who hails from Punjab has set a mark for himself in the Punjabi industry with his groovy party anthem songs which will force you to shake your legs on the dance floor

After setting a mark in the Punjabi industry Ekam Bawa is all set to enter Bollywood with his new upcoming hit songs with well-known Actors and Directors. But let us take you through the top 5 songs of Ekam Bawa which have created a huge buzz among the audience.

“LalKare”, It’s one of the most viewed songs of Ekam Bawa over with 12M views and it’s a typical Punjabi song where the lead actor Ekam Bawa is seen chasing the love of her life and finally he wins her love after all the dedication. 
“Love You” is one of those songs which will make you fall in love with the lyrics of the song as the concept is way too different where the girl tries to win the love of his crush and tries all the efforts and in last she proposes and wins his love. Its is such a cute love story of two couple which will really make you fall in love 

“Bugga Bugga” is one of those songs which has appropriate lyrics with the tunes and those beats which will make you grove on the beats and on the song a lot

This is one of those songs of singer Ekam Bawa which has created a lot of buzz in the audience is his song “Gun VS Boliyan” the song depicts the bully behavior of a stranger towards a girl and the song also has a female rap in it. this song will make you groove on amazing beats

The last but not the least song from the top 5 songs is “4 Din” it’s a full party anthem this song of him will definitely force you to shake your legs and go crazy with the beats.

Ekam Bawa’s top 5 songs will definitely make you fall in love with his cute smile and the outstanding persona that the actor leaves behind with his outstanding songs.

On the work front – Ekam Bawa is all set to rule the Bollywood industry now with his new upcoming singles and his most well-known song  ‘Lalkare’ has crossed over 12 million. He has also composed and sung songs like ‘Love You’, ‘Bugga Bugga’, Lalkare, 4 Din,’ Ziddi Jatti’, ‘Pee Pee Ke’, ‘Reejh DIl Di’, ‘Sniper’, ‘Fake Bande’, ‘Love You Jatta’, Sardarni, ‘Reejh’, ‘Yaar Maar’, ‘Munda Miss Karda’. He has more projects on the bucket list to offer all his fans which will be announced soon.