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Five Emerging Interior Designing Trends

Five Emerging Interior Designing Trends


The COVID-19 pandemic was a defining moment for interior design as staying at home made individuals realise the importance of having a space that is not just cosy but aesthetically pleasing as well. The lockdown forced everyone to turn their homes to meet the demands of their day-to-day; be it home classrooms or home offices.

When it comes to renovating or redecorating a house it is necessary to keep up with current trends to increase the resell value, if you plan to sell the house or to increase the aesthetic appeal of your house. While most people buy whatever they like and call it interior design, here are some of the latest trends of 2021.

Eco-friendly/ Sustainable décor

Sustainable décor is the future of home décor. Using biodegradable or natural materials like cane, rattan, terrazzo or wood instead of plastic or synthetic materials can make your home décor eco-friendly. Buying local designs, Cane furniture, woven tapestries, tribal art, baskets and mattresses add a certain elegance to one’s home. Apart from being eco-friendly, they add a certain bohemian charm to the room as well. Woven tapestries, tribal art and mattresses make the room seem homely and comfortable.

Light coloured wood

Most people think of teak and mahogany wood when it comes to using wood in home décor. These are typically dark woods, while maple and rubberwood are lighter in colour. Light-coloured wood which is a distinctive feature of Scandinavian design makes the living space seem uncluttered and airy. Wood, though typically used for flooring will be predicted to be used on walls and wardrobe laminations this year.

The colour Grey

Though grey seems like a gloomy colour for a living space, when paired with yellow or turquoise can make the room look very elegant. When a moody and brooding Gray, that can signify strength and endurance is paired with a hopeful and bright sunny yellow hue the two colours form a complementary pair. Grey, in its variations, when paired with bright coloured furniture like a yellow couch, or turquoise frames, and modern lighting could make the room look spacious and airy.

House plants

House plants, be it hanging creepers or beautiful blooms or succulents, gives an earthy tone to any space. They bring colour and vibrancy to homes and filter out pollutants, while releasing oxygen and freshening the air. Gardening or plant keeping is known to be a stress buster. Having plants at home especially during these times when our house has multiple purposes than just a living space can help reduce stress.

Impressive / Modern lighting

Gone are the days when white LED lights or two tube lights per room was enough. Home lighting is much more than that. Bold, modern lights that bring a certain class to your home are the new trend this year. Home lighting is an essential part of any aspect of home décor and can bring together the whole room. Today, there is a wide range of lighting options from extravagant chandeliers and floor lights, to pendants, sophisticated scones and much more.

–  Shivangi Shah Founder, Hive Home

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