Flipkart Video and Sikhya Entertainment return with season 2 of Kaun? Who did it?

Flipkart Video and Sikhya Entertainment return with season 2 of Kaun? Who did it?


Earlier this year, award-winning producer Guneet Monga’s Sikhya Entertainment partnered with Flipkart Video to develop a one-of-a-kind, interactive crime-thriller series – Kaun? Who Did it? The innovative show hinged on India’s love for crime fiction and introduced viewers to the world of crime and suspense, while also allowing them to play detective and win exciting prizes. After a successful first season that left audiences at the edge of their seats with a nail-biting cliffhanger, the series is set to return with season 2, featuring television star Sushant Singh as retired detective Adi Bhagat and film and theatre actress Samvedna Suwalka as his protégé, Assistant police inspector Malini Bidre. In season 1, Adi and Malini came together to solve multiple cases and the audiences were wowed by Adi Bhagat’s brilliant mind. However, throughout the season, Adi appears to be hiding a dark secret about his past.

The first season culminates with a surprising sequence of events that traps Adi in a web of lies and conspiracies. As Adi decodes the plans of the ‘mastermind’ determined to bring him down, the secrets of his past are unravelled too. The case that forced his early retirement was one where Adi supposedly gunned down 2 innocent victims. Veteran TV writer Sunjoy Shekhar and showrunner Umesh Bist (of Pagglait fame) brilliantly tied-up all the loose ends in the series finale, revealing that the victims of Adi’s alleged mistake were none other than Malini’s parents. As Adi’s past and his present collide, season 1 ends with a shootout between Adi and the ‘mastermind’, leaving Adi lying on the floor with a bullet to his chest.

Season 2 will dive further into Adi and Malini’s shared past. Adi has survived the shootout, but his relationship with Malini seems to have suffered from the revelations in season 1. The trailer shows that Adi’s one condition to continue in his capacity as a police consultant is that Malini continues to work with him. Malini’s refusal to work with Adi, leaves viewers wondering what turn the show will take next.