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For the first time in India, KFC makes ‘Scream and Win’ a reality


For the first time in India, KFC makes ‘Scream and Win’ a reality

Shout Howzzat on the all-new KFC app and win discounts as loud as your cheer

It’s that time of the year when we are all divided over jersey colours, but united over a Bucket of KFC chicken. And who would’ve thought all that loud cheering & screaming (even over the last piece of KFC Chicken) could win you more of your KFC favourites? Now exercise those vocal cords and give it your best shout, with the first-ever voice-activated mega offer on the KFC App – Howzzat! Download the KFC app, click on the ‘Howzzat’ banner on the home screen and shout “Howzzat” as loud as you can; because the louder you cheer, the bigger the offer. Now it doesn’t get bigger than this, but you could get louder for sure!

Talking about the App-solutely new feature, Moksh Chopra, CMO, KFC India said, “We all know how KFC is the perfect companion for cricket matches. And now we’ve taken this partnership a notch, or rather, few decibels higher. A first for the QSR category, we have introduced an app-exclusive voice enabled offer that encourages fans to shout ‘Howzzat’. The louder they cheer, the higher the discount. This unprecedented tech disruption is yet another step in strengthening our new App. So, cheer on your favourite teams and ‘Howzzat’ your way to amazing offers on the all-new KFC app.”

For the first time in India, KFC makes ‘Scream and Win’ a reality

Developed in partnership with Isobar, the Howzzat feature is now available on the KFC app up to 29th May. Score some extra discounts as you build your order, much like the extras adding up to your team’s score. Throughout the cricket season, consumers can win cash-off discounts of up to 40%.

 Talking about the feature Aalap Desai, CCO Isobar & Taproot India added, “Increasingly voice marketing is forming an integral part of any digital marketing comms. While we had fun working on it with KFC, the idea was to ensure consumers have as much fun while ordering their favourite KFC chicken. Using technology, we enabled consumers to use the power of their voice to win discounts – the louder they cheered, the bigger the discount!”

 Showing you how it’s done are some KFC and cricket enthusiasts in two interesting digital films out on KFC’s Insta page. The first film opens on a quiet and intense yoga session, which soon changes when a much-excited participant screams ‘Howzzat’ leaving the rest of the class and the instructor in a tizzy. But the cheery participant seems to have attained nirvana, with her scream earning her a discount on the App. In the other film we witness three friends, one of whom is with a fractured arm and leg and is unable to join the other friends in their celebratory dance. So how does he express his joy? That’s right, by shouting out ‘Howzzat’ on the KFC App. You too can draw inspiration from these films here and here, and then, shout on!

Download the all-new KFC app from Play store/App store and set yourself some ‘loud’ goals. Challenge your friends to a shout-off or strive to beat your own score every time you open the KFC App. Now Howzzat for getting more discount for your cheer?

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