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Ginni Kapoor leaves fans teary-eyed with Mainu Tere Naal Nahi Rehna

Ginni Kapoor

Ahmedabad, November: Ginni Kapoor has left her lakhs of fans teary-eyed with her new single ‘Mainu Tere Naal Nahi Rehna’. The song is about separation, domestic violence, marital rape, and seeking gender equality in a marriage.

Commenting on the occasion Ginni said “This is the saddest song I have ever performed on. It evokes feelings that cannot be easily put into words. Am sure that this song will move the audience and make them experience the love and pain in a relationship apart from opening floodgates of emotions. It will trigger feelings and can act as an imaginary friend who provides support and helps in making a choice to move out of abusive relationships”

Sung by Hashmath Sultana, popularly known as ‘the Sufi Sisters’ in India; the song has powerful verses written by MST (Maahi) coupled with musical harmonies by music director Asit Tripathy making this track an unmistakable number. Released under the label Rangtaal Studio and produced by Priyanka Dutt, the song has been directed by Ankur Choudhary. The song has been conceptualized and co-produced by Amit Bhargad and Mohit Digambar.

Rangtaal Studios started in May 2021 during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic to promote original songs of Hindi and Punjabi language on different new-age platforms. The studio has released four original songs in a short span of time and has many more songs on the anvil. Some of the audiences are still, understandably, crying and shaking from the studio’s latest release that has left many in a puddle of tears.

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