Government of Maharashtra Will Hold International Conference on Agri Tourism

Government of Maharashtra Will Hold International Conference on Agri Tourism


Maharashtra is the pioneer State to develop and promote Agri Tourism in the country. To further promote it in the State and commemorate the 14th World Agri-Tourism Day (16th May), Department of Tourism, Maharashtra Government in partnership with Agri Tourism Development Corporation India, is organising ‘INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGRI TOURISM’ on 15th and 16th May 2021. The objective of the conference is to explore the sustainable entrepreneurship opportunities for rural women through Agri-Tourism.

The conference will provide a platform for national and international experts, researchers and farmers to share their experience and present examples on successful agri-tourism practices from various countries including Italy, Oregon, Illinois, Vermont, Uganda, South Africa, Philippines, Scotland, Spain and Thailand. The event will offer an overarching understanding of the agri-tourism sector, its challenges and opportunities, and will develop recommendations and an action plan that will guide the efforts of strengthening the agri-tourism sector. Furthermore, it will showcase the vital role played by the Rural Women as enabler of sustainable and socially responsible tourism.

The international conference will also celebrate excellence and success of Women farmers and Agri-tourism practitioners by felicitating them with ‘World Agri Tourism Awards 2021’, selected by International Agri-tourism Awards Committee.

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