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GROHE Plus Digital Faucet

GROHE plus

GROHE Plus Digital Faucet

Accuracy that goes beyond design

Enjoy sleek, cutting-edge design alongside confidence and control with the new GROHE Plus Digital faucet. Refreshingly different by design, this unique faucet offers a new level of ergonomic comfort and practical function. The GROHE Plus Digital faucet comes with an LED temperature display, so you know the water will always be just the right temperature.

GROHE Plus Digital Faucet

This innovative faucet puts control and convenience in your hands with features like water-saving spray, LED display and temperature control allowing users to tailor water temperature precisely to their needs. Infrared sensors on the spout for a touch-free experience switching from standard water flow to a water-saving function.

With its innovative LED temperature display, you always know how hot the water from the faucet is, giving you increased control and safety for the bathroom. The display changes colour from blue to red on a spectrum depending on water temperature for maximum safety.

GROHE Plus Digital Faucet          GROHE Plus Digital Faucet

The 90° swivel spout on the GROHE Plus Digital faucet provides increased user comfort and flexibility. It turns smoothly to the left and right, adding a whole new level of convenience to your bathroom.

GROHE Plus Digital faucet redefines the notion of versatility for a bathroom faucet. Whether your bathroom is a space of timeless elegance or minimalist styling, the two variants are always a perfect fit. It is available in two sizes M and L.

GROHE plus

Key features of the GROHE Plus Digital Faucet

GROHE EcoJoy the water-saving flow rate of 4 L/min, saving precious resources whilst enjoying 100% enjoyment.

GROHE SilkMove ensures effortless, precious temperature and water control that lasts throughout the product lifetime!

GROHE StarLight ensures the stunning chrome finish lasts throughout the product lifetime!

Website: www.grohe.co.in


GROHE is a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings and has a total of over 7,000 employees in 150 countries. In order to offer “Pure Freude an Wasser”, every GROHE product is based on the brand values of quality, technology, design and sustainability. Renowned highlights such as GROHE Eurosmart or the GROHE thermostat series as well as groundbreaking innovations such as the GROHE Blue water system underline the brand’s profound expertise. Focused on customer needs, GROHE thus creates intelligent, life-enhancing and sustainable product solutions that offer relevant added value – and bear the “Made in Germany” seal of quality: R&D and design are firmly anchored as an integrated process in Germany. GROHE takes its corporate responsibility very seriously and focuses on a resource-saving value chain. Since April 2020, the sanitary brand has been producing CO2-neutral* worldwide. GROHE has also set itself the goal of using plastic-free product packaging by 2021.