Gujarat to get National Wildlife Disease Diagnostic Research

Gujarat to get National Wildlife Disease Diagnostic Research


Government of India will set up National Wildlife Disease Diagnostic Research and Referral Centre in Gujarat. The proposal is part of the document for Project Lion drafted in consultation with Government of Gujarat and Wildlife Institute of India. Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Babul Supriyo provided the information on March 8, 2021 in Rajya Sabha, while replying to a question raised by RS MP Parimal Nathwani.

According to the statement of the minister, the Project Lion envisages actions aimed at averting risk of extinction of Asiatic Lion and ensuring their population for generations to come by sustaining the scientific conservation management of Asiatic Lions. The project also aims to ensure that local communities are the main stakeholders and are benefitted by lion conservation.

Nathwani wanted to know whether Government has prepared the road map for implementation of the proposed Project Lion, the details of available health infrastructure in Gir to treat sick or injured lions and whether the road map includes setting up of a special Indian Council of Agricultural Research- Indian Veterinary Research Institute (ICAR-IVRI) sub-centre in Gir to cope up with emergencies like canine distemper.

The minister’s statement also said that as informed by the State of Gujarat, two hospitals and seven rescue centres are available as health facility infrastructure available in Gir for treatment of sick or injured lions.

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