Hafele Baking Appliances

Hafele Baking Appliances


Eating is a joy, but cooking is soul fulfilling! Bringing in convenience and flair to your cooking process, Hafele’s range of Premium Baking Appliances helps you achieve perfect results through various cooking techniques – baking, steaming, grilling, roasting and so on.

Laden with advanced features like dual heatshield, infrared grilling, glazed doors and electronic control, the ovens from this range, provide you with precise temperature accuracy for perfectly cooked meat or vegetables. Communication with the oven becomes easy and fun with the one touch interactive display. Häfele’s Combi microwave oven models provide the best of both – convection oven and microwave thus speeding up your cooking and expanding your horizons in trying out new recipes.

All the models falling under Häfele’s Premium Baking Appliances Range come equipped with an Auto cook menu which is loaded with recipes for a variety of food materials – vegetables, meat, fish, desserts – and is powered by Hafele flavours, Hafele’s very own YouTube cooking channel.

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