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Häfele’s Eco Bed Fitting Mechanism

Häfele’s Eco Bed Fitting Mechanism


A clustered space not only makes for an unappealing view but also results in a chaotic mind. The need for clear and open areas in our homes drives us to effectively utilise every little free space available and to equip it with the right kind of functionality without compromising on the overall aesthetics. Bedrooms, the innermost sanctum of our homes, provide within themselves the space to unwind and relax after a long day. It therefore becomes essential that this space remains tidy and organised. Our beds naturally occupy an ample amount of space in this area, so why not construct it in a way that it serves the dual purpose of relaxation as well as storage. Häfele’s Eco Bed Fitting Mechanisms provide you with the lift function which enables you to optimise the free space available underneath the bed mattress for storage, thereby reducing permanent clutter from the bedrooms.

The two Eco Bed Fitting Mechanisms available in this range with arm thicknesses of 3 mm and 5 mm, when paired with different gas springs, provide a range of weight carrying capacities from 22 kg to 118 kg, allowing you plenty of options to opt for any suitable bed and mattress size basis your requirement. Due to its improved structure, the new 3 mm mechanism which contains a single horizontal arm component makes installation and handling of the fitting easy. The Eco Bed Fitting Mechanisms are salt-spray tested and force tested thus guaranteeing excellent durability and robustness.

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