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HAMMER; An emerging FMEG brand rolls out new gadgets every three months

HAMMER; An emerging FMEG brand rolls out new gadgets every three months

HAMMER; An emerging FMEG brand rolls out new gadgets every three months

Hammer Lifestyle is a leading brand manufacturer of wireless earbuds and smartwatches in India best known for the athleisure smart gadgets. They entered the market with the wholesale supply of other brand’s music gears and smartwatches, and then in 2019, Hammer officially registered as a company and sold their own brand products with the company name. Started from scratch, and now they are one of the most successful music gear and smartwatch manufacturers.

They are manufacturing the hot selling products these days which includes truly wireless earbuds, earphones, smartwatches and other smart wireless appliances. They have provided much good quality, budget-friendly, and easy-to-use products. Some of the best selling products are Hammer Airflow TWS, Hammer Solo 3.0 TWS, Hammer Solo Pro, Hammer Pulse Smartwatch, Hammer Bash Headphones and the newly launched Hammer Pulse 2.0 smartwatch. The Pulse 2.0 smartwatch is introduced with bluetooth calling at an affordable price into the market.

Recently, by joining the Make in India concept by our prime minister Narinder Modi, HAMMER has started its own make in India move. Their new manufacturing plant is based in Panipat, and here they manufacture all their Lifestyle electronic goods. As per Rohit Nandwani, the founder of Hammer Lifestyle ‘By manufacturing here in India, we would be saving all over money that was flowing into foreign lands’.

It was a brief intro about Hammer Lifestyle and its products. Let us take a look at the newly launched Hammer Pulse 2.0 bluetooth calling smartwatch.

Hammer Pulse 2.0 is an upgraded model of the Hammer Pulse smartwatch. You can monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and get access to the notifications right on your wrist. Apart from this, there are also new features introduced in Pulse 2.0. It is the bluetooth calling feature at an affordable price that sets Pulse 2.0 standalone from its competitor brands. With the built in dialpad and accept/reject function, calling has become easier than ever. Moreover, the new Pulse 2.0 has unlimited watch faces to match every attire of yours. You can also track your sleep and other activities like running and steps count. Besides this, It gives notification alerts from all the social media apps after connecting it with your mobile phone.

Technology is the reason for revolution in the country, and moving ahead with technology is most important. Keeping the same in mind, Hammer Lifestyle is coming up with many new projects in smart wireless appliances such as wireless chargers, electric toothbrushes, and many more. For the same, the brand will roll out a new product every 3 months.

Hammer provides the best wearable gadgets in India, and will surely prove to be a leading brand in electronics goods too.

Music is the best possible means to express one’s emotions and make it relatable. Now, Diverting the spotlight onto the latest entertainment launch by Hammer Lifestyle is its own Brand rap– ‘We are Hammer’. It depicts HAMMER’s journey right from when it was introduced to a new world. HAMMER came out in Jan 2019 and has been pumping up the beat since then. Right from delivering high quality tech to becoming a customer centric brand, this journey marks its unstoppable attitude.

The success of a company majorly depends on its customer satisfaction. Hammer is also a customer-centric brand. It introduces the products as per its customer’s demands and feedbacks.

Aiming to rise high and dwell in a competitive market space, Hammer Lifestyle still has made a sparkling imprint in the industry. Unlike the audio space, Hammer Lifestyle wants to establish itself as a fast growing lifestyle electronics brand by delivering quality and tech driven products within a specified time frame.