Hemp – A New Player in the Green-Gifting Revolution: Yash Kotak, Co-founder and Director, BOHECO

Hemp – A New Player in the Green-Gifting Revolution: Yash Kotak, Co-founder and Director, BOHECO


The joy of tearing open the wrapping on a gift knows no bounds, simply due to the allure of something substantial hidden behind a shiny, glossy exterior – as it should. Gift-giving forms one of the cornerstones of the tender side of human nature; we demonstrate our affection by making little offerings to our loved ones on special occasions. Over the years, this sacred practice has grown even more extravagant – we have grown preoccupied with importing one-of-a-kind flowers, fabrics, bags, books, the list is never-ending. Gifting has become about making the experience larger than life in terms of the interior and the exterior. The thought and effort go a long way concerning personal relationships but fall short ecologically.

With no dearth of the supplies and means to make anything possible, we often spare no expense in our quest for the perfect, insta-ready gift, never stopping to consider the amount of waste we generate along the way. A beautiful gift wrapped in attractive packaging is hard to resist, but more often than not, one ends up unused in a forgotten wardrobe corner, and the other ends up crumpled and torn in the bin. Very few of the gifts we give are usable in their entirety. Quite a sad fate, no?

It is a rise in conscientiousness that led toward efforts for ‘greener’ gifting and packaging solutions. It calls for individual responsibility in a previously overlooked domain. This movement is propelled by the urge to reduce waste by upcycling items already in our homes and to create sustainable packaging that our receiver can carry forward. It ensures the gift itself does not come with T&Cs in fine print brandishing a well-hidden and large carbon footprint.

A trendy packaging solution makes use of fabric, drawing inspiration from the Japanese art of gift-wrapping with a cloth called furoshiki, a beautiful tradition for which you can find hundreds of tutorials online. Now, pray tell, what does this have to do with hemp, you may ask? The answer lies in the largely untapped industrial uses for hemp, one of which includes turning its much-coveted stem into the fabric. Studies have shown that as a fibre crop, hemp provides an extremely high yield, almost 250% more fibre than even cotton. Given its properties of being a fast-growing, low-maintenance crop, hemp fabric could be the textile of the future.

Moving inward hemp fabric is not just ideal as a wrapping solution but as a gift in itself for people who love creating garments from scratch. Hemps uses are not limited to this, as various brands, such B Label, have hemp fashion lines for those drawn to the prêt-à-porter side of things. BOHECO Life has a gifting range with health and wellness products such as Hemp Nutrition and Wellness, Hemp Personal Care, and Hemp Petcare!

Hemp is a miracle plant with a myriad of uses. It promises head-to-toe benefits inside and out, along with a 0% chance of guilt. Hemp products are the future of sustainable gifting and are systematically reinventing an age-old practice in an inventive manner. A simple offering goes a long way, and using eco-friendly alternatives in our gestures for others is often more thought-provoking than even a campaign may be.

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