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HWPL peace education training

New Delhi

While the sporadic tensions created with the recent conflict in the northeastern region, including a military confrontation at the border, 48 peace educators were produced from HWPL peace education training, which continued for five weeks from June 16. The educational workers and journalists from a total of 8 schools and educational institutions participated, from Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarati, and more in India.

HWPL, an international peace NGO that hosted the training, is providing peace education to youth around the world who are at risk of being thrown into war due to the war between their own countries and countries which is caused by various interests in ethnicity, race, religion, etc. The training is proceeding with the textbook consisting of a total of 12 lessons with core values ​​such as dignity, coexistence, and sustainability.

This peace educator training program was conducted to cultivate educators who can teach and research how to practice peace in all situations inside and outside of school through textbooks produced by HWPL. Peace education has been already being in progress with teachers participated in training at the school to which they belong.

Pratibha Singh, a teacher of Jagran Public School in Delhi, who completed training recalled the contents of the textbook and said that she was surprised at the concept of a ‘citizen of peace’ in which citizens voluntarily create peace through education, not just with learning institutional orders and laws to keep the peace.

The principal of Gogadhani School in Gujarati, who is currently conducting peace education for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, Mr. Shailesh Kumar Narsinhbhai Prajapati said, “Students who have received a peace education from teachers are sharing the education contents with theiparents and families.” He mentioned classes that teachers had prepared with discussion every week are affecting the time outside of the class environment.

HWPL plans to conduct peace education training in Niger and India additionally, and among the educational institutions that participated in the peace training in June, will be signed to an MOU to give shape to a plan.