I urge religious leaders to educate people about the importance of social distancing amidst COVID-19 crisis: DGP

The police department will focus on hotspots and cluster containment zones Lockdown violators will be registered by random checking of CCTV cameras in residential societies: DGP Shivanand Jha


Director General of Police Shivanand Jha urged people of the state to stay at home and worship during the holy month of Ramadan which starts from tomorrow and Parshuram Jayanti and contribute in social distancing to fight against COVID-19.

Jha said that religious leaders must give educate to people worship from home, instead of visiting religious places. Any kind of public gathering must be avoided at such a time to stop the transmission of COVID-19. It is the time to protect oneself from the transmission by maintaining social distance.

Jha clearly stated that legal actions will be taken against public gathering. The police did not allow people to gather for worshiping and registered cases where information of public gathering was received during Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti,Jha said that some people have been misusing the passes of emergency or essential services.

Police has registered two such offenses wherein the guilty were missing curfew pass for alcohol transport. One case has been registered for misuse of letter of Haryana district magistrate for transport of sanitizer in Balasinor taluka of Mahisagar district. Liquor of Rs. 11.40 lakh was found in case of sanitizer. Another case was registered for misuse of letter Punjab district magistrate for transport of vegetables on Ahmedabad-Vadodara Express Highway. Liquor of worth Rs. 16.80 lakh was seized by state monitoring cell. Detailing on the tablighi jamaat Jha said that four more persons have been arrested. A man from Botad has been arrested in a fruit truck from Aurangabad, Maharashtra which arrived in Botad.

A crime has also been registered against his father, truck driver and their owner, who helped bring him back to the state. In addition, 12 people from Surendranagar were quarantined in a house at Borsad in Anand district, out of which which two people have been arrested on their return to Surendranagar. Gandhinagar police has also arrested a person from Tabligi Jamaat who returned from Bhusawal in Maharashtra at Gandhinagar. He added that besides Tablighi, 15 offenses have been registered against the people of Sura Jamaat.

Police have made checking stricter as people from other states are using a lot of fruit trucks to return to Gujarat. In addition, two persons from Savarkundla, Amerli, who attacked the police on 5th April 2020, have been arrested under “PASA” act and sent to Porbandar and Bhuj jails. In Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot, 147, 129 and 90 offenses of violation of curfew have been registered and 178, 148 and 90 persons have been arrested respectively.

264 people were arrested registering 154 crimes through CCTV in various societies. Detailing on the strict implementation of lockdown/curfew and maximum use of technology, Jha said that 288 crimes have been registered through drone surveillance. 15587 people have been arrested in 7533 cases till date. Under the Smart City and Vishvas project, CCTV network has registered 55 offenses and arrested 78 people, till date 2274 people have been arrested across the state for 1390 crimes.

Similarly, 402 crimes have been registered and 767 accused have been arrested for spreading fake messages and rumours. 1780 cases have been registered for the violation of lockdown and 774 against violating home quarantine and 438 other cases. 2361vehicles have been seized in the state, added Jha. In addition, Jha appealed to take care of people with serious illnesses like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and over 50 years of age.

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I urge religious leaders to educate people about the importance of social distancing amidst COVID-19 crisis: DGP