IIM Raipur Concludes its Orientation Program

IIM Raipur Concludes its Orientation Program


Indian Institute of Management Raipur conducted a holistic week-long Orientation Programme for the 12th Batch of Post Graduate Programme in Management and 10th Batch of Fellow Programme in Management. The studentsgot an opportunity to interact with experts from academia & industry and gained insights that would help them during the next two years. The program included several keynote addresses, pedagogical activities, ice-breaking sessions, and simulation games. The inaugural day of the program was graced by the Chief Guest, Ashish Vohra, Executive Director and CEO, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance.Vohra encouraged the participants to self-introspect and understand what kind of leaders they want to be and inspired them to create their own portfolio of skills and competencies at the end of the course.

The second day of the orientation program commenced with the panel discussion on the topic ‘Critical Behavioural Competencies for Managers’ by industry leaders M.V. Ramana, CEO, Branded Markets, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, and Pradyumna Maheshwari, CFO, Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd. The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Anubha Dadhich, HR & OB Management. Pradyumna Maheshwari drew from his rich corporate journey and industry experienceto inspire the students. He attributed students’ success to the behavioural competencies developed on the job and encouraged them to develop soft skills and technical know-how.M.V. Ramana emphasized the need to establish strong capabilities and the methods to translate them into competency mapping and subsequent business solutions.

The orientation program also had analumni panel discussion to connect incoming students to leading successful alumni of IIM Raipur. Revathi K, Lead- Talent, Learning and OD, GSK Pharma & Healthcare India, started the session by defining the personal brand and its importance in the corporate world. She emphasized onbuilding a unique selling point for oneself as a competitive advantage. Harshit Kalra, Assistant Manager, American Express, spoke about different components of a personal brand and highlighted the importance of continuously identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses to create their self-image.Uma Bala Gompa, Senior Consultant, Infosys Consulting, talked about the importance of rebranding and repositioning one’s personal brand to cope up with diverse challenges in personal and professional lives. The session was moderated by Prof. Vidushi Pandey, Information Systems Area, IIM Kozhikode, a fellow, and alumni of IIM Raipur.

The third day of the Orientation Program included a panel discussion on the topic ‘Importance of Growth Mindset to Conquer the Corporate World’ by industry leaders, Abhijit Roy, CEO, and MD, Berger Paints India, Sangeeta Lund, VP HR, Frost & Sullivan, and Arvind K., CEO, Dukes India. The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Samar Singh, Strategic Management, IIM Raipur. Arvindrecounted how his life experiences were maneuvered by his mindset for growth. He urged the students to participate in life that empowers them and helps them come out of their comfort zones to grow.“Not yet” is a powerful tool to improve the performance in an organization” said Sangeeta as she emphasized on building a growth mindset as a way of life. Abhijit encouraged students to prioritize the need to develop capabilities and explore opportunities to grow during a crisis. He stated that learning could happen anywhere, and one must be willing to take risks and accept failures.

The fourth day of the Orientation Program of IIM Raipur commenced with a panel discussion on the topic ‘Crucial Success Factors in the Present Business Scenario’ by industry leaders  Vipul Oberoi, CMO, IIFL (India Infoline Group); Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Jewellery Division, Titan; Dinesh Deo, CEO, Marsh McLennan Global Services. The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Jagrook Dawra, Marketing Management.Vipul discussed that Indian companies are at par with foreign counterparts in terms of competencies.He advised students to embrace data and be aware of the data-driven decision-making process. Ajoy spoke about the preparedness of the organized sector in terms of technology and digital innovation.He highlighted that sheer commitment is the driving force for resilience. Dinesh emphasized the need for Infrastructure and talent availability for Indian companies to face future business challenges. Dinesh also mentioned that there is a requirement for deep knowledge and expertise, which are the driving forces in the global services industry.

The fifth day commenced with a faculty connect program, followed by an interactive workshop on case-based pedagogy by the faculty members. The last day will be concluded with “Learning Management through Games” by the Academic Committee and Class Representatives of the PGP 2020-2022 Batch.

The weeklong program also featured sessions to familiarize students with the dominant pedagogical methods followed by the faculty of IIM Raipur and the meaning of management education and what it expects out of those who choose to pursue it. With all things in place for the new batch, IIM Raipur is once again all set to groom global leaders for the corporate world and high-quality researchers for the academic world.

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