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IIM Raipur successfully concludes its 4th ICDE 2021

IIM Raipur successfully concludes its 4th ICDE 2021

By: Preety Chaudhary

Ahmedabad, December 2021:

IIM Raipur successfully conducted the Day 2 of its 4th ICDE Annual Conference on Saturday, 4th December 2021. The two-day packed conference added weight in terms of knowledge and ideas to all the attendees. The day began with a presentation from the keynote speaker Prof. H Raghav Rao, University of Texas at San Antonio.

Track 5 was based on the topic “IT and Sustainability” coordinated by Prof. Mohit Goswami where students presented their research related to the topic such as “Please…..Allow me to complete the season…..:Audience engagement in binge watching” by Santanu Mandal, Abhijith Nair, Sujith D Pai, Payel Das, “Innovation for kirana stores in India: Low-cost Technological solutions for small retailers” by Vikram Choudhary and Rajesh K Aithal, “IT investments for Sustainable Development: Identification of Mediating Factors using Institutional Theory” by Akshay Kumar and Shashi Kant Srivastava, “The Impact and Reach Of ESG: The Perspective of Developing Countries” by Biranda Sampat and Kali Charan Sabat, “I really want to go back…The place was absolute Bliss’: Exploring the drivers of place attachment” by Santanu Mandal, Js Krishnaunni, Haripriya Murli, Arun Chandran, Payel Das under technical chair Prof. Arpan Kar, IIT Delhi.

Track 6 discussed on the topic “Emerging Technologies” where students presented their papers on the following topics “Utopian or Dystopian: Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employee Performance” by Priya Parul and Sweta, “Blockchain As a disruptive technology for Human Resource Management: A systematic Review” by Yusra Qamar, “Emerging trends in industry 4.0: An operations management perspective” by Yash Daultani under technical chair Prof. Ashwini Kumar, IIM Lucknow coordinated by Prof. Manojit Chattopadhyay, IIM Raipur.

Track 7 was discussed on the topic “Information Communication Technologies” under technical chair Prof. Sujeet Sharma, IIM Tiruchirappalli and coordinated by Prof Sourya Joyee De, IIM Raipur. The students presented their research on “Dissonance Reduction and continued use of Mobile Apps: A Thematic Analysis” by Kavita Sharma and Shveta Kalra, “ICT adoption & Impact on informal firm productivity: Evidence from Indian MSMEs” Lokesh Posti, “Chronicling The Ehealth Desideratum in India” by Parisha Malu, Rohit Kumar Verma, ‘I often get Tempted…..To use Mobile food Apps’: Understanding the perceived Utility of Mobile food apps” by Santanu Mandal, Radhika R, Swetha Sunil Kumar and Payel Das.

Track 8 was based on the topic “Social Media” which was coordinated by Prof. Rashmi Shukla, IIM Raipur under the Technical chair Prof. Satish Krishnan IIM Kozhikode. The students presented on “Does social media use enhance the sensing and seizing capabilities of managers? Role of absorptive capacity” by Siddharth Majhi, “How does social media use impact the components of individual absorptive capacity?” by Siddharth Majhi, “The influence of Brand post message strategy on consumer Engagement with organic Retail Products on Instagram” by Winee Saikia, Abhigyan Bhattacharjee, “I cannot say….if I really like Youtube Ads’: Ad characteristics and YouTube engagement- An Empirical Exploration” by Santanu Mandal, Kartika Nair, Guttela Narendra and Payel Das.

Prof. M.N. Ravishankar, Prof. of Globalization and Technology, Loughborough University shared his knowledge on Choosing a research topic. He shared that practice-oriented research topics should be chosen that have clear practical implications and a theoretical or conceptual angle that permits scholarly publications. Reading and constant revising is important for research writing. He suggested that one should stop looking from outside and they should know their journals, know the editors & scholars. One should also become familiar with the current conversations in at least 20 journals. One should read & write whilst they are reading, and they should also look for some other material to read at the time reading the current material. Mr. Ravi gave the strategy of CIA (Conclusion, Introduction, Abstract) which says to focus on these three points while writing a journal, they should be crisp and clear.

The conference ended with conclusive remarks by Prof. Sourya Joyee De where she thanked guest speakers, esteemed professors from various institutes, organizers, and participants for their presence and giving their valuable time.