Industrial activities permitted with restrictions in Red and Orange Zones


Permission has been granted to the industrial activities in Red and Orange zones with some restrictions under the new guidelines in the state during the 3rd lockdown, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. New guidelines have been issued by the Principal Secretary Dr. Rajesh Rajoura for the Large, Medium, Small and Micro industries and for the warehouse of industrial and manufacturing items.

It has been clearly stated in the new guidelines that any type of industrial activity will not be permitted in containment zones of Red and Orange zones of the districts. All the industrial activities will be conducted in the rural areas (outside the containment area) of these districts.

No permission is required from District Collectors to commence these activities. On the other hand, it will be mandatory to get permission from the District Crisis Management Group to operate industries in urban areas (outside the containment zone) of the districts of Red and Orange zone. This includes all units of Special Economic Zone, export oriented industrial units, units established in industrial areas/zones declared by the State Government, essential commodities including manufacturing units of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, health care products and units manufacturing raw materials for them and IT hardware units and packaging materials.

All types of industries can be started in the districts of green zone. Prior permission of District Collector or DCMG is not required for this. No permission is required for the movement of workers, employees, raw materials and finished products in these areas.

Workers, labourers and officers living in the containment zone will not be allowed to work in all the industries operating in the districts of Red, Orange and Green zones. In the districts of Red and Orange zones, labourers, employees, officers of industries operating in rural or urban areas will not need a pass to travel to the units of non-containment areas but in urban areas of such districts it is necessary to obtain a pass from the district administration for movement from non-containment areas to units. The District Crisis Management will decide which industry should be given permission for movement of their manpower in which area of ​​the district/city, considering the special situation of the district.

Such industries, which make accommodation arrangement for all the labourers in their premises, will not be required to obtain permission from the District Crisis Management. Intra-state and interstate buses will not be able to operate even in areas outside the containment area of ​​the red zone.

In the notified industrial areas and Pithampur, Mandideep, Malanpur/Bamore Industrial areas, the permission to the labourers, workers and officers will be provided in coordination with the district Crisis management of the nearby districts. As per the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs, movement of four wheelers and two wheelers will be allowed from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. following the standard operating procedure.

Moreover, it has been clarified in the guidelines that a person who has come in contact with a Covid-19 patient or suffering from influenza or severe acute respiratory syndrome will not go for work in any industry. All corona prevention standards must be strictly adhered to in all industries operating in the Red, Orange and Green zones. There will be no restrictions on the movement of trucks of raw materials or finished products of industrial units except containment areas. Industries which need to be run in the wider public interest and they need exemption from any condition, such exemption can be given by the state government.

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Industrial activities permitted with restrictions in Red and Orange Zones