It is imperative for people to avoid overcrowding


Director General of Police Shivanand Jha said that police are committed towards the safety of the citizens and are making all efforts to enforce the lockdown to prevent further spread of the COVID-19. The police are carrying out intensive surveillance for their welfare. It is also necessary for the public to cooperate and avoid gatherings as well as maintain social distance.

Those migrant laborers who have set on foot to reach their native places must cooperate with the administration and settle in shelter homes. They shall move only upon receiving authorized pass or permit and shall stay in quarantine after reaching native places.

Jha added that two offenses were registered yesterday against people for forging fake passes for travel. They were nine people travelling to Kodinar in Gir Somnath district from Ahmedabad. In another case, a vehicle has been detained and a case has been registered for ferrying workers from Rajkot to Maharashtra.

The virus has not spared anyone and had affected 42 police officials who have fought back the virus and have returned to their duty.  Apart from that, 30 policemen who came in contact with Corona affected people were home quarantined, they have completed their quarantine period and are back on their duties.

Throwing light on the significant use of drones and CCTV during the lockdown, Jha said that, the cities and towns are being thoroughly observed through drone surveillance. 173 crimes have been registered through drones. A total of 22315 people have been arrested for 12051 offenses to date. Meanwhile, under the Smart City and VISWAS project, 93 individuals have been arrested for 97 crimes reported through the CCTV network tallying up to 4082 individuals for 2953 crimes. Additionally, 20 crimes have been registered so far and 19 people have been arrested through CCTV’s in residential societies.

Similarly, for spreading fake messages and rumors through social media, so far 734 crimes have been registered and 1498 accused have been arrested. 09 accounts have been blocked. 215 and 44 offenses have been registered, respectively, through videography and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). 1119 offenses have been registered so far with mounted cameras special ‘Prahari’ Van.

Cases that have been registered so far include 2009 of the violation of lockdown, 841 against those violating quarantine, and 626 other cases. 5736 vehicles have been seized in the state, added Jha. Police have released 2,12,376 detained vehicles so far.

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