ITC commits to ambitious sustainability 2.0 targets for Water Security and Carbon Sequestration


ITC Limited, India’s leading diversified conglomerate and a global exemplar in sustainability, reiterated its commitment towards water stewardship and natural resources replenishment on the occasion of World Water Day and International Day of Forests.

For decades, ITC has passionately pursued the cause of augmenting environmental resources and generating livelihoods. As part of its environmental stewardship endeavours, ITC has sought to address climate change through the adoption of a low carbon growth path. Under its largescale afforestation programme, around 8,50,000 acres have been greened cumulatively, contributing to the Company’s carbon positive status for 15 years. The programme has also created over 150 million person-days of employment for small and marginal farmers. ITC’s integrated water stewardship programme that aims to help build a secure and sustainable water future for India, cumulatively covers over 1.1 Million acres in 37 districts in 14 states, creating a total rainwater harvesting potential of 3.6 million kilolitres. Over 20,000 water harvesting structures have been built till date, as part of the programme that has also generated 7 million person-days of employment and contributed to ITC’s water positive status for 18 years.

ITC’s Sustainability 2.0 targets for 2030 envisage the creation of rainwater harvesting potential equivalent to 5 times its water consumption by 2030, up from the current level of 3 times. The Company aims to sequester over 4 times the CO2 emissions from its operations, up from the 2 times sequestered now. This will further strengthen its carbon positive and water positive status.

The world’s shrinking forests provide livelihoods for 1.6 billion people, shelter an amazing biodiversity, cleanse the air and protect the water essential to our lives. Changing climate and overuse have brought on a water crisis, too. There’s still time to save nature’s gifts.

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